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An affordable mix of housing.

Thoughtful planning that encourages a greater mix of housing types in green and walk-able neighborhoods. Housing diversity creates affordable housing for long-time residents wanting to age in place, families just starting out, teachers, nurses, service industry workers, and the rest of Kirkland's workforce.


A community that welcomes people with diverse backgrounds and identities and a city that considers inclusiveness in all that it does.

Planning for sustainability.

Responsible planning that saves money, reduces waste, leads to cleaner air, and drives reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Transportation choices.

More and diverse transportation options that reduce congestion and afford residents and visitors choices that are cleaner, greener, and more efficient.


Stewardship over Kirkland’s current assets by preserving those aspects of the natural and built environment that make Kirkland the most vibrant, attractive, and livable city in the region.


Endorsed by many community leaders and organizations

Fuse NW, publishers of the Progressive Voters Guide

Sierra Club, Washington State Chapter

Washington Bikes

"Neal is a thoughtful person who has been actively engaging with our community for a long time. He genuinely cares about the health and happiness of our city and was a wonderful role model to our son as his little league coach. Neal will work hard to keep Kirkland beautiful and welcoming to all."

- Jennifer Daane, Kirkland resident and parent

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